Music Zettel Ep. 3 – Orff formula arrangements

Music Zettel Episode 3 – Orff formula arrangements

This week’s episode is drawn from my first two lectures this semester in Composition in Music Education. We look at some of my own Orff-style arrangements and original compositions and discuss how these can be both a pedagogical and compositional model for teaching and learning. The resources I mentioned in this episode include:

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2 thoughts on “Music Zettel Ep. 3 – Orff formula arrangements”

  1. Thanks. This is very useful. If this is episode three, where are the other episodes? Can we subscribe?

    1. Great Podcast – Heard you speak at MENZA – Terrific! Love your contemporary approach – and love your brilliant ideas and your generosity in sharing them. Here in Aotearoa we too are working on adapting the pedagogy and the ‘formula’ associated with OS to our unique Aotearoa/NZ context – Our annual Marimba festival is a ‘feast’ of accessible music-making for kids …

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