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Journal articles, Book chapters, and non-academic publications by James Humberstone

Drum Programming Minus One, and The Patented Humberstone Four-Finger Technique (Text Book Chapters)

I wrote two chapters for a wonderful new music education textbook, The Music Technology Cookbook, edited by Adam Patrick Bell. The book itself has 56 chapters, some as single activities for learning music with technology, and others linked ideas to create term-long projects with your students. My chapter Drum Programming Minus One is a play on the idea…

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Seeking Innovation as Exploration of Aesthetic (Book Chapter)

My chapter in the new book Creative Research in Music, edited by my colleagues Anna Reid, Jeanell Carrigan, and Neal Peres Da Costa, accounts for the creative research process for my 2015 release Noise Husbandry, an electro-acoustic installation at the Australian National Maritime Museum on Sydney’s Darling Harbour, performed by Ensemble Offspring. Abstract This chapter presents a…

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Nurturing Vulnerability to Develop Pedagogical Change Through MOOC Participation and Public Blogging (Book Chapter)

A chapter I wrote with Catherine Zhao and Danny Liu drawing upon data from my MOOC, The Place of Music in 21st Century Education, for the Oxford Handbook of Social Media and Music Learning, edited by Janice L. Waldron, Stephanie Horsley, and Kari K. Veblen. Abstract Despite several decades of ground-breaking achievements in music education research…

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