Learning the ukulele diary 6: am I close?

I thought this week I should review how many chords I’ve learned, which I’m still a bit slow with chord changes on, and what I still have to go.

As you may remember, we’ve asked students to learn the major, minor, and seventh chords of A, B flat, C, D, E, F, and G. So, I started out by making a list of those so I could test myself easily, as well as checking off which I knew and didn’t know:

I was quite surprised how may of these chords I do already know, despite the fact that I haven’t taken any kind of scaffolded approach to learning the instrument (apart, perhaps, from a few “learn Uke” apps that I tried in the first few weeks, and my own hunch that I could learn a billion songs with the chords C, G, F, and A minor as I outlined in an earlier blog).

I’ve marked the chords I know with a green tick, the ones I know but I’m a bit slow at getting to still with an orange lightbulb (for “learning!), and those still to be learned with a red cross. I started ahead of the students in the course, so I guess the equivalent assessment date for me would be about 4 weeks away … should be fine!

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