Music Zettel Ep. 6 – The Creative Music Movement

Music Zettel Ep. 6 – The Creative Music Movement

This episode features a “flipped learning” video that I made for Key Approaches in Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the first year course that I mentioned in episode 2. For those wondering what “flipped learning” means, it’s when you take a part of a class that you’ve traditionally chalked-and-talked, and “flip” it so that it comes before the class, often in the format of a video to watch in the same way we sometimes set readings before classes.

In past iterations of the course, while students told us they enjoyed the content, they felt it was too chopped up into many topics. So this year, as mentioned in episode 2, the theme for the second half of the course is “learning a new chord-playing instrument”, and it’s the music education history bits that I’ve flipped. Students watch the videos (and do a quick funny quiz to confirm they got the basics) online before the class, and in the class our guest lecturer, Brad Fuller, can provoke some discussion around those ideas as he sees fit.

In the next episode, Brad and I will be discussing how the class actually went… so stay tuned to find out! Music in this episode included excerpts from:

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