Introducing the #SCMTME class of 2019

My students and I at the 2015 #SCMTME public Presentation of Learning

The Technology in Music Education class that I teach at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music has been one of the most successful I’ve run over the last 7 years. I put this down to two things – first, that the main assessment task of the course is entirely student-negotiated (i.e. what they want to learn more about), and second that it leads to a public Presentation of Learning where they share that project with other teachers, industry, friends, and family. A real learning outcome – and a bunch of our students have even been employed as a result of the work they’ve shown!

My students and I at the 2015 #SCMTME public Presentation of Learning
My students and I at the 2015 #SCMTME public Presentation of Learning

So, I’m very pleased to share the brand new shiny websites of the 2019 cohort of #SCMTME (hint – please interact with us on Twitter!)

SCMTME student websites 2019
Student name Website Social Media
Karen Cortez  
Emily Crutcher
Luna Gu  
Rachel Hennessy  
Emma Holley
Sara Ko  
Nicole Lewis  
Rachelle Pieri
Janet Rang  
Kelly Ryu  
LJS Music Education  
Music Insider  
Jessica Suann  
Isabel Szanto  
Erin Tillett  
David Tocknell  
Veronica Tsang  
Angus Webster  
Tara Whittard  
Helen Wong
William Yan  
Melody Zhu  

Obviously it only being week 2 of semester, there isn’t a lot of work on their websites yet … but comments and likes are still appreciated. And if you’re interested to see the kind of amazing projects that they will complete, check out the prior cohorts! ->

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