kindleThis term at school we’ve been trying to run IT Pedagogy PD on a wide range of topics. I especially wanted to share how I’d learned to use the range of Amazon Kindle apps and their excellent annotation-to-the-cloud tools while researching my Ph.D. You might think it’s natural that Amazon would offer a free eBook reader when they get to sell books to you through their store, but the features these free apps (for your Mac, Windows PC, iOS device, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone) offer teachers and students are wonderful.

I made a handout for the PD, but no one turned up (poor James), so I thought I’d share it with the world, in case it’s of use to anyone. The handout covers downloading the app(s), signing up for an Amazon account, downloading some free books to get started, annotating them, accessing those annotations in the cloud, and even how to get quick references via citation files from, another fantastic free service.

Here is is as an ePub.

Here it is a PDF.

2 responses to “Kindle apps in education”

  1. Hi James, I tried to buy your Learn Sibelius 6 in 1 Hour book on amazon, the version I found stated that it was for Kindle. Your web pages, which provided me with the amazon link states that you can by a version for the Mac. Where do I find the Mac version?

    If you are still providing non-kindle version of your book, you should make sure they are easy to locate, so that you don’t lose any sales.

    I’m looking forward to getting your book and to taking your one hour class. I’m hoping to eventually get to the point where it quicker to do parts in Sibelius then to write them out by hand.

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