This page hangs off my main website, at www.composerhome.com. There you will find dozens of pieces of music, lesson plans and resources, guides to technology and much much more that I share with the world.

I use this WordPress blog to post updates to everything that is going on in my life that has something to do with one of these topics – composition, music education or music technology.

You can subscribe to this blog via RSS which is probably a good idea if you’d like to be notified when I add more resources or music to the site, or you can follow me on Twitter. After reading this blog, if you haven’t already, start at the front page of the site and browse the many free resources available there.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. James, I stumbled on your website because I was looking for some ideas how to get started with Sibelius.

    Although I was a little busy, I got really excited about getting started. I must say your effort should in no should go unnoticed! Not just for the tutorials, but the whole educting and technology thing. There are so many parts I want to explore.
    It all started with me writing my first childerens’ book and within it two songs. I used the pc keyboard with a shareware copy of Anvil music software!
    There is a link to the song I put together with a school choir. It’s all new to me, although I have dabbled since I was a child. Now I’ve bought my first midi controller!

    Thanks again. Will come back oftern.

    Roy . Suffolk, Uk

  2. Hi James,
    I tried to find you e-mail on your website without luck. I´m working in the idea to develop some sibelius tutorials videos and also interested in start a training course here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Could you give me any hints of someone from sibelius that I could contact about it? Send me an email please.

    Also, I found your videos great! Great sound and quality. I would love to publish in my website if you don´t mind.

    Thanks in advance,
    Cristiano Moura

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