Because this book is no longer in print, I have made the resources and tutorial videos (which are still quite relevant to the current version of Sibelius) available here! There are plenty of second hand copies of the book available if you need one.

Sibelius 7 book
My lovely book/CD/tutorial videos for Sibelius 7

Sibelius 7 Music Notation Essentials was the only official, Avid-endorsed course for learning Sibelius, which I wrote after leaving Sibelius to teach and work on my PhD from 2008.

The course is based on five hands-on projects, so that you learn Sibelius by doing. The projects also align nicely to different music education outcomes and topics, so they can be easily integrated into your curriculum.

The five projects include making a simple arrangement of Amazing Grace, copying an excerpt from a Beethoven String Quartet, creating a rock song score with repeats, guitar tab and drum notation, making a worksheet and graphics and scoring to film. In addition to detailed instructions and a CD-Rom with all the resources you need, 32 tutorial videos step you through every stage of each project, so students who don’t like to read books … won’t have to!

You can download the resources by clicking here.

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