Announcing the #SCMTME & MTeach Extension cohorts, 2022

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when I share my students’ websites with the world! We’re 11 weeks into my course MUED4002 Technology in Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and as usual we’ve learned lots of simple techy skills (audio and MIDI recording and editing, graphic creation, creative commons and notation software), and we’ve also explored the modern music tech world and thought about what it might mean for music education (the maker movement, programming, remixes and mash-ups (with an Ableton Live theme), BYOD, online learning post-pandemic, and more!).

Each of my students must blog about their learning each week, and hopefully show some evidence of critical thinking along the way. These blog posts, including drafts of work they produce in class (recordings, photos, videos, etc.), are worth 50% of the course! They then get to pick any kind of music-tech-education theme, and design a project that they’d like to do to learn more: they will share these projects in our public Presentation of Learning on Thursday 16th June from 5pm (Sydney time), in person at the Con, and also streamed live to Facebook! More to come about that soon.

In addition, this year I’ve again included students who are taking my course EDMT5701 Music Curriculum 1 Extension, too. This is a Masters of Teaching course looking at classroom music teaching in the 21st Century, so has a lot of crossover philosophically with “TME”. This year I’ve completely rewritten it to draw on Will Kuhn and Ethan Hein’s new book, Electronic Music School, which has been fabulous! Some students are actually doing both courses!

Student websites
Student name (if shared) Website Course Socials
Dean Alic MC1E Insta
Apple Music
Eunice Bae  TME  
Louise Bell TME  
Josephine Brereton TME  
Bradley Bussing MC1E  
Luke Clark Long URL TME  
Adam Crutcher TME  
Ethan Dennis TME, MC1E  
Erin Finlay TME, MC1E Facebook
Jade Foster TME  
Abby Fuller TME Facebook
Sophie Funston TME, MC1E  
Kimberly Gilbert TME, MC1E  
Breanne Greer TME, MC1E Facebook
Jacinta Gunawan TME
Juliet Ivkovic TME  
Alexandro Lecca MC1E Facebook
Samantha Legzdin TME  
Stefanos Maragkakis TME Facebook
Jaccamo Mullen TME  
Issy Murdoch TME Soundcloud
Martin O’Flynn TME  
Cameron Porter TME  
Hamish Reeves TME Soundcloud
Dan Rowe TME  
Alex Scheul TME  
Georgina Smith MC1E, TME Soundcloud
Josephine Smith TME  
Nick Sumsky TME, MC1E  
Jess Tannous TME Soundcloud
Max Tromp TME  
Jackson Williams TME
Olivia Wooltorton TME  
Vicky Zhang MC1E Insta
 Yuhan Zhang TME  

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