Introducing the #SCMTME cohort of 2021

Well, who’d’ve thunk it? I’m back again after a quiet 10 months on this blog, to introduce the next cohort in my Technology in Music Education course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Yes I did plan some other blogs, and a 3rd series to my podcast, but Covid, eh?

Anyway, no time for excuses. Last year’s public online Presentation of Learning was such a HUGE success that this year the Conservatorium are holding it as our official event for #MakeMusicDay on Monday 21st June both here in person and online! We also have such a big cohort that we’ll have two shows, effectively – the first from 2-5pm, with a (catered!) break for an hour, and then a second show (but all new projects) from 6-9pm.

As always, our students will undertake projects of their own choosing that extend their learning from the course and are a great vision for what the future of (heavily technology-infused) music education might look like. Tickets are free to the first 200 applicants (unlimited online, tho!) and I’ll blog again once I have a link for the event.

In the meantime, we are 7 weeks into the course so our students have had plenty of chances to blog. I’ll be tweeting about some of their blogs from time to time, too!

TME cohort 2021
Name Website Socials
Harry Alexiadis
Lachlan Barry Twitter @lachlan_barry
Katie Bombardieri YouTube
Mike Budden
Jacqui Carias Soundcloud
Kirsty Cairney
Donovan Cleary YouTube
Lucy Clifford Insta @lucyjclifford
Spencer Darby
Georgia De Battista
Sebastian Houw
Charis Ho  Soundcloud
Cherre Ho Twitter @CherreHo
Insta @cherreho
FB cherre.ho
Brian Huang Soundcloud
Jack Hwang
Claire Hwang
Isabelle Ironside
Ashley Kim
Lavender Kim
Suzie Kim
James Kong
Agnes Lee
Jess Lee
Lillian Li Twitter @LillianLi
Stella Lu Twitter @StellaLu66
Rachael Marcellino
Benjamin L Mak YouTube
Insta @mr.benjaminmak
Laura McIntyre
Olivia McNamara Insta @livoila
YouTube @Livoila
Anton Murdica
Angelina Nguyen Insta @nguy_en_improved
Liam O’Brien
Sharon Ong
Gabby (Gabrielle) Pamilar
Jenny Ridgway
Lucie Roberts Soundcloud
Amina Salihbegovic
Karl Serna
Ishvinder Singh Insta @Vinderish
Jane Solo
Paloma Soulos Soundcloud
Cheryl Tsui Twitter @tsui_cheryl
Julia Vlahogiannis Pro website
Vanessa Vromans YouTube
Lachlan Webb Soundcloud
Sebastian Wyatt
Harvey Yates
Jessie Zhang
Cathy Zhang

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