Introducing the #SCMTME cohort of 2020!

That time of the year has come earlier this year, as my Technology in Music Education class at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music has moved semesters this year (and next year moves a whole year earlier in the degree, so we can tool-up our students in their second year!). This year we also welcome some students from our new Master of Teaching degree.

As many of you will know from prior years, after learning a range of tech skills (sequencing, multi-tracking, videoing and video editing, making interactive resources) and looking at some of the latest tech-based pedagogies, students in this course students can propose ANY project they like to further those skills or explore those pedagogies.

James working at the laptop with 2 pianos behind him coz
James ignoring two perfectly good pianos and using a laptop and MIDI controller instead

We are 7 weeks into the course now, which of course with the current Covid-19 situation (here in Australia we’re not formally in “lockdown”, but we have enforced social distancing law so it’s pretty much the same thing) has been taught entirely online for the last 4 weeks. But there isn’t a better course to do that in, eh? You’ll find every one of these blogs has a bunch of reflections on how it’s all going. And I’m expecting many if not all of their projects to be extremely applicable to what music teachers are trying to do all over the world now!

Name Website Socials
Gwyneth Au
Lucy Cantrill @cantrill_lucy
Emily Chang
Jess Chen
Matthew Cornwell
Mitchell Davis
Lucy Devine Twitter: @LucyDev85345845
Lara Dodd
Mishael Ecclesiastes
Elijah Hargraves
Pearl Hendy
Bridgitte Holden
Josiah Lau Twitter: @josiannnnn
Catherine Lu
Ashleigh Macklin Twitter: @EmbouchureLady
Kyra Mcmorrow
Larisa Neuhoff Twitter: @LarisaNeuhoff
Nick Murphy Twitter: @NickMurphyMuEd
Matthew O’Brien
Amy Sung
Montanna Teh
Mitchell Togher
Emily Turner
Jay Viney
Michael Wang
Louise Wilson Twitter: @louisewilsxn
Katrina Wu Twitter: @k_wumusic
Jessica Yendell @yendell_music
Jess Zhou

If you’re keen to see projects straight away rather than wait another 2 months, check back in my blog posts for previous years!

Please do also join the party on Twitter where we gather under the hashtag #SCMTME 🙂

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