Learning Ukulele Diary 4 – my favourite songs with C, G, F, and Am

GAs mentioned in my second diary, the only difficult thing about playing the above 4 chords is the change to and from G major, which has 3 fingers down, and in positions that aren’t necessarily similar to those in the C and F major shapes.

And the best way I’ve found to practice the changes to and from G major is, of course, to just play loads of songs with those chords in them. So I thought I’d share my favourites today, in case anyone else in the KAME course is just starting out along that journey…

*** Note *** These songs were all in these keys in the songbook I first bought … only when I went to embed Spotify links in this blog did I realise that they are not the original keys. Had I realised, I wouldn’t have included them as examples … not great Informal Learning pedagogy when you can’t play along with the original recordings 😦

First, here are the patterns for those 4 chords:

C F G Am … and now the songs …

Vance Joy Riptide

Am, G, C  –  lyrics

Bob Dylan Blowin’ in the Wind

C, F, G  –  lyrics

One Direction Best Song Ever

C, F, G (capo 1st fret or tune up a semitone for original key)  –  lyrics

Green Day Good Riddance (Time of your life)

C, F, G, Am  –  lyrics




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