The Weight of Light – my new song cycle

In just a few weeks, my new song cycle, The Weight of Light, will premiere in Canberra. I’ve just made a short video of some of the sight reading last December so you can hear a little of what it sounds like in advance…

As it says in the description on YouTube:

“The Weight of Light” is a new song cycle with words by Nigel Featherstone and music by James Humberstone, written for Baritone and Piano or Piano and Tape. It premieres at The Street in Canberra on the 3rd and 4th of March, 2018, with a second production in Goulburn in on 10th March. The excerpts in this video were recorded at the first workshop of the complete company for the premiere, and feature Michael Lampard (Baritone) and Alan Hicks (piano), directed by Caroline Stacey. “The Weight of Light” was commissioned by the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium as a brainchild of Director Paul Scott Williams, and with the support of The Street. A Sydney and regional performances will be announced later in 2018.

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