Presenting: the 2016 Technology in Music Education cohort

For obvious reasons, one of my favourite subjects to teach at the Sydney Conservatorium is “Technology in Music Education”. In fact, it’s the course that lead to my development of the first of five MOOCs on the Coursera platform, The place of music in 21st century education.

As in 2013 and 2015, I’m pleased to present to you the 2016 cohort. The course divides fairly evenly into theory and practice, so on their blogs you’ll find lecture notes about using technology in the music classroom but also about current issues, philosophies, pedagogies and the latest research in the field. Some students prefer to remain anonymous which is their choice.

Name URL (website address) Twitter handle
James Humberstone @JamesHumbers
 Willson Duong
 Sonia Sze  @soniasze11
 Lilliane Kamel
 James Walder
 Natalie Gooneratne
 Matthew Colucci  @Coluccimusic
 Anonymous student 
 Sara Nguyen
 Ellen Pauperis
 Gabrielle Hiu
 Sasha Stocken
 Anonymous student
 Michelle Young
 Aleksandar Stojanovic
 Amber Johnson  @ambermareemusic
 Emma Dunn  
 Cassandra Cordero
 Anonymous student
 Panagiotis Karamanos
 Elyse Hardiman
 Alex Hone
 Michael Paton  @mpaton94
 Paolo Torresan

Students are now all (well, most) on prac, but I’m sure they’d love comments on their blogs. Expect the action to hot up later in the month as they start work toward their negotiated project… and you can see where all this thinking goes, creatively!

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