Slide2Learn conference, Sydney

Photo of me jamming in GarageBand courtesy of Jonathan Nalder

I’m having fun at the Slide2Learn conference on mLearning in Sydney. Did a presentation this morning – the deck below was created in Apple Keynote and has been converted (and the many videos removed!). Here’s the session description:
Reflecting on the uptake of music technology in schools in the 1980s, teacher, researcher and programmer Andrew Brown (Griffith University) wrote “These experiences clarified the motivational aspects of electronic technologies, even though they were largely used to replicate, rather than innovate, musical practices” (2012). This session looks at the emerging trend of the “iPad band” and proposes that in most cases Brown’s observation again rings true. How can mobile technology offer truly innovative opportunities for musical performance? This session explores, hands-on, ideas from the bleeding edge.
We started off by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of GarageBand’s built-in jam session and doing a class-wide performance. We then moved toward the experience I described in my blog last month where participants were Jamming in a single Ableton Live session with Lemur and TouchAble on iPads.

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