Making iBooks for Music Education

A month ago you may have seen the tweets about a series of tutorial videos I put out late at night showing my students some important concepts in iBooks Author that would be important for the kind of iBooks you’d want to make in Music Education.

I’ve put them all together in a single playlist, with the following content, and you can watch them all below…

0.  Stuff you probably know. The basic dragging of images, video and audio into iBooks Author.

  1. Score reading. Exporting multi-page scores from your notation software and reading them in iBooks while listening to a recording.
  2. Review quizzes. Not much good for assessment, but a great first step in getting some assessment into your iBook.
  3. Interactive marked up score. What it says!
  4. Fixed orientation. If you’ve played around with iBooks Author, and made it all look beautiful in the default landscape orientation only to find it looks terrible on your iPad when you’ve got it up portrait-way, this quick tip will save you lots of heartache!
  5. Shapes and guides. Essentially, this video is all about layout tips for iBooks Author. With a not-very-good example.
  6. Keynote files. You can get app-like behaviour inside your iBook by dropping in Keynote files with hyperlinks inside them. Tap a shape, word or image, and jump to more information or even an animation. This tutorial features a sloth.
  7. Bookry,com. Not the only extra plug-in site, but a good one. My favourite is the one that allows students to write reflections and email them to you right from within the iBook.

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