#UWSMTeach Lecture notes week 4

Roland vdrumsWell, not much hard work from me this week. I dashed over for the lecture time after having my friends Ray and Attila from Roland run the tutorial, but you were still having lots of fun with whizzy things like v-drums, Jam Hubs and little handheld audio recorders, so I let them keep on going and joined in myself when things got relevant to that upcoming assignment.

By the way, if you’re sweating on that assignment, make sure you’ve looked at all the lecture notes from other weeks, and especially the tutorial videos I made which show you how to do… well… just about everything technical that you need to. All you need to do now, is come up with some great content to put into it! If you’re making loops for a composition project, check out this video I made which revises how to do it…

So anyway, back to those toys that the Roland boys brought over, this was indeed supposed to be the lecture on technology and performance, and it couldn’t have been much better than this. You can read people’s lecture notes in the #UWSMTeach community here if you want to know more or share ideas. Or do it on Twitter! With the 40-odd minutes left at the end, I showed you my Blue Yeti USB microphone and went on a fair bit about how you can get students really motivated with performance if you record them and let themselves reflect on their progress, and even better if you give them good repertoire and good gear to record it on and send them away with it.

On that front, don’t forget that in assignment 1 you have to work out a way for students to reflect on their performance progress. So this could be a good way to go – record themselves, upload it to a blog, and write about how they did. Or something like that.

After the lecture I stuck around to help a few people in the lab with the first assignment. I’ll make sure there’s time for that tomorrow. As ever, apologies these notes are late, but I think at least this week you now have everything you could possibly need already!

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