Sleeping is definitely overrated. All I can say is that I’m jolly glad that my rather lovely father-in-law likes to buy me a coffee (and sometimes even cooked breakfast) on a Tuesday morning.

Because again I returned home from our Monday night lecture and tutorials and couldn’t resist following up on what we’d done. I checked the #uwsmteach hashtag to see how many of you had tweeted what I’d talked about – still not enough of you, but hey, there’s progress.

PgIn turn, I remembered that I had promised to share (or make sure I was already sharing) some of the resources that I’d shown you during the lecture, especially in a week where I couldn’t share many of the special needs videos for child protection reasons. So, thanks to iWeb I was able to chuck up a completely new page on my website with the Paul Grabowsky Sibelius education kit which has dozens of lesson’s-worth of resources and ideas for any school that has Sibelius.

While I was at it, I checked to see whether the special needs songs where up there. Indeed the scores and resources were, as well as the samples for triggering on Banana Keyboards, but I hadn’t shared the recordings nor the backing tracks, so I zipped those up and uploaded them too – you’ll find them on the primary music pages of my website, which seemed the most appropriate place for them.

Last but not least I started off by showing you a podcast made to help learning a song. The song was my Daedalus and Icarus, and you can download a score from my website. Here is a recording of the piece in case you’d like to listen to it again, and I’ll get all of the podcasts up there at some point.

So there you are, that was a fun thing to do when I got home. How are you all going with your blogs and your ideas and resource sharing? Do as I say, and do as I do!

Please, have your say.

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