Learn Sibelius in 1 hour videos now Flash, not Quicktime

A few people have written to me recently saying that the Learn Sibelius in 1 Hour videos weren’t loading for them. I think it depended on the browser and operating system you use. Anyway, there haven’t been any such problems with the Developing an Idea in Sibelius 6 videos which were Flash (uploaded to Vimeo and then embedded in my site), so I’ve done the same for the former course, and it should be smooth sailing for all involved now. As I’ve said in previous articles, the course has been republished on YouTube by USchoolMe and by Robin Hodson, who added a much nicer sounding voiceover than the one I whispered at the back of our music lab!

Let me know if you have any problems, I’m always happy to help.

4 thoughts on “Learn Sibelius in 1 hour videos now Flash, not Quicktime”

  1. It would be useful to have an arrow to the next video. I waste time trying to find it. Thanks.
    Brilliant videos, by the way.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      If you’re watching the videos here on http://www.composerhome.com rather than on Vimeo itself (or one of the many copies on YouTube!) underneath each video there’s a link to the next lesson or previous lesson (as well as back to the index if you want to jump around above and to the right). But perhaps I could put a right arrow to the right of the video. Do you think that would make it more obvious?


  2. James–

    Some months ago the congregation I belong to purchased a laptop, a synthesizer, and Sibelius for me to keep at my home in the interests of my using these resources to compose performable new music.for temple services. It was a blessed gift, but the sheer power, complexity, and range of Sibelius’ offerings have had me bewlildered where and how to start.
    Your 1-hour tutorial has changed everything for me by providing a focused, step-by-guide to using Sibelius without which I would still be struggling through its own insufficient tutorials to start composing and notating from the synthesizer. I cannot thank you enough for expanse of your generous sharing of knowledge and good will. Thank you just the same.
    Bob A

    1. Thanks so much, Bob. I do enjoy sharing these resources and I’m very pleased when I find that they’re appreciated.

      Best wishes,

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