Learn Sibelius in 1 hour passes 5,000 hits in various locations

Well, I only ever intended it as a rough collection of videos made as soon as possible after Sibelius 6 came out to teach my students how to use it. The videos were recorded and edited in just a few hours (hence all the noise in the background, the umms and ahhs that give away it’s not scripted and the rather nasty popping because I didn’t set up a pop shield…) and then shared through my website only because our school intranet wouldn’t show them at full resolution.

USchoolMe hosting the series on YouTubeBut my learn Sibelius in 1 hour videos have become very popular (making me wish I’d spent more time on them). They have been republished on You Tube by USchoolMe where they’ve had over 900 views and also given a US-friendly voiceover by Robin Hodson and published to his YouTube account with over 3,000 views (and he remembered to use a pop shield!).

And the original videos on my website have now had well over 2,000 visits. This being rather good, I think I’ll have to make some more. But not for a while – I’ve got some other exciting projects to share with you soon, the best being:

  • My new Transformations composition course centred around  Sibelius 6, teaching students about how composers develop themes and motifs in their music, and how a handy set of tools included with the new version of Sibelius can help them get started using these techniques.
  • A unit of work on my piece Daedalus and Icarus, which I’ve just written the third version of, and will be performed by a massed year 6, 7 and 8 choir at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney on Thursday 26th November.

Look forward to more information about those here soon.

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