Songwriting for a TV commercial

[This is a sample unit of work for the UWS MTeach Music method students, showing the framework of how you can scaffold a unit online with a free blog in much the same way you would with a commercial solution. It is not complete.]

In this course you will learn how to play the chords of C, F and G major, and then how to make a song with them in GarageBand. The song you’re writing is for a TV commercial for any product you like. Follow the stages carefully:

Stage 1

Watch some commercials and listen to some past work. Start thinking about the product you’d like to advertise.

Stage 2

Learn to play the chords C, F and G major.

Stage 3

See how you can make those chords sound interesting in GarageBand.

Stage 4

Create your own drum beat in GarageBand, or use a ready-made one, depending on how adventurous you feel.

Stage 5

Put the chords into a repeated pattern, and record it in GarageBand along with your drum beat.

Stage 6

You might like to add a bass line.

Stage 7

You have the most important ingredients to your song now: start planning words if you’re going to have a vocal part, or improvise some other kind of melodically interesting part.

Stage 8

Get your TV commercial from the internet, and line your music up with it. You may need to lengthen or shorten your song. You may want to dub some more audio over the top.

Stage 9

Share your finished product!

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