The UWS MTeach community

This page hangs off my blog rather than my main website because I am currently blogging my lecture notes here, as well as other useful things for students on the course.

On the course, students have to create a blog and other sites and learn to deliver resources they make for music classes online. But this community isn’t closed to them. Since we’re doing it in the open on the net, their great work and their imagination and creativity is open to everyone, so feel free to explore their sites and give them (positive please) feedback and encouragement. And if you’d like to play student, even if you’re not in the MTeach, why not join in? Perhaps you’re interested in music technology, or perhaps you’re a teacher interested in getting some free PD. The more the merrier.

So what is this page for? Well, as students create blogs I’ll link to them here, so this page becomes the hub for the community. Students should make a point of checking out each others’ work, commenting on blogs and quoting each other where you like something someone else has to say.

Class of 2012

In the class of 2012 but your site doesn’t appear here? James may have missed your email about it – email him again!

Class of 2011

Class of 2010

Class of 2010

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